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Maybe it’s time for a little Shampoo?

Once upon a time..

a boutique production company from Athens called Eggs & Bacon traveled the world to make award-winning, visionary projects in film and commercials. After several years and many successes, they moved to Los Angeles. Now they have returned to Greece — back to their roots — as Shampoo, a full-service production company with all the experience and know-how of Eggs & Bacon. They support other filmmakers to get the best resources in Greece, tap into the country’s endless inspiration and imagination, and guide the best creative projects possible.


Come shine with us!

Shampoo thinks outside the bottle!

We know you want to look good on a budget, keep that prep time short, maintain high production value, be flexible. We’ve got the enthusiasm and passion to fuel your distinctive style and the worldly experience to smooth out everyday kinks. Our reputation is squeaky-clean, we’re dependable, and you can be assured that we know how to avoid frizz. We take the time to listen, ask questions, and tailor your production to your needs. Our number one concern is to make every day a good hair day for you.

Let’s blow it out and make some waves.


Filming in Greece

You might think of filming in Greece for a number of reasons: for its year-round temperate weather and its thousands of kilometers of pristine beaches, majestic mountains, serene valleys, and gorgeous islands. The city, however, is also a prime asset for productions. Athens is the urban heart of Greece — it has a diverse range of talent, architecture, and crew. Its one-of-a-kind culture includes a vibrant night life (with three bars listed on the top 10 bars of the world!), a unique underground music and arts scene, post-modern industrial ruins, expansive harbors, bridges, a defunct Eero Saarinen-designed airport, and a newly-opened opera house designed by Renzo Piano. Our cityscape has ultra-modern architecture, as well as rustic properties with lush gardens. Our magnificent countryside is easily accessible from the city.

Who we are



Having circled the globe many times as a producer for European and American clients, Eleni Asvesta inherently knows how you operate. Her cosmopolitan je ne sais quoi must come from her years studying filmmaking at the Sorbonne in France, because she’s really stylish and one of the smartest people we know.

Shortly after completing her education she moved to Athens where she began her career as a producer. Here she met Harry, and they started Eggs & Bacon, which they soon relocated to Los Angeles.

It’s second-nature for Eleni to support the most inspired demands of creative people and, as in the tradition of all Greeks worth their salt, Eleni is an amazing cook. Her risotto and lamb will curl your bangs.


Harry Patramanis is the volumizer of Shampoo. He’s been a member of the DGA for nearly twenty years, and recently of the International Cinematographers Guild. As a writer/director, Harry has shot projects in all corners of the world and covered much of his native Greece. He’s collaborated with European, Asian, and American agencies on numerous award-winning films.

Harry’s education began at film school in Munich, but funnily enough, he never learned how to drink beer there!

He’s also an amazing photographer with some enviously impressive cameras. Whenever he’s not executive producing or directing, you’ll probably find him on a very long and vigorous walk with his and Eleni’s incredible Jack Russell, Scout.


Shampoo is also styled by head of production Yannis Karachalios. To say that Yannis has countless stellar videos and films on his cv is a major understatement. If Yannis can’t build you a better budget, then you’re pretty much just gonna to have to accept that it doesn’t exist. He’s the MacGyver you want on any production — as well as being a producer, he can do things like literally build a camera with his bare hands, and he flies his own drone — which can come in really handy.

He also loves — LOVES — his tour-de-force BMW motorcycle. And, please don’t tell him we told you, but we’re pretty sure he’s willing to take a bullet for you. He’s that dedicated.


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