You might think of filming in Greece for a number of reasons: for its year-round temperate weather and its thousands of kilometers of pristine beaches, majestic mountains, serene valleys, and gorgeous islands. The city, however, is also a prime asset for productions. Athens is the urban heart of Greece — it has a diverse range of talent, architecture, and crew. Its one-of-a-kind culture includes a vibrant night life (with three bars listed on the top 10 bars of the world!), a unique underground music and arts scene, post-modern industrial ruins, expansive harbors, bridges, a defunct Eero Saarinen-designed airport, and a newly-opened opera house designed by Renzo Piano. Our cityscape has ultra-modern architecture, as well as rustic properties with lush gardens. Our magnificent countryside is easily accessible from the city. 

Neighborhoods in Athens brim with galleries, powerhouse dance companies, theaters, photography studios, and other resourceful spaces run and populated by high-caliber creatives who love to collaborate. The unique character of Athens can shine as something of its own, while it can also easily double for anything from Paris -France, to Paris -Texas.

The urban cityscape of Athens has become easier to navigate and is full of multi-lingual inhabitants, especially when it comes to the creatives who service the film industry.

An influx from around the world has made casting for diversity rich in Athens.  

If you’re picky about where you want to stay, you have your pick: the finest luxury hotels, charming boutique accommodations, or super cool Air BnBs. AND, apart from all of this, you might just want to come for the food! 

But it’s not all about epicurean delight, beauty, blue skies, and whitewashed Cycladic architecture. Greece is a haven for creative urban life and Athens has everything you need!



“There are places we live and places we visit, and then there are the other places. Places we return to, where we put down roots, but not strong enough roots to hold us — places that change us, that we haunt and are haunted by. Nowhere embodies this for me more than Athens, a city I’ve watched shift and evolve, endure crisis and chaos and economic collapse, and yet emerge from the wreckage as one of the continent’s most vibrant and significant cultural capitals, more popular than ever as a tourist destination. (Last year Athens welcomed a record 5 million visitors, double the 2012 figure.)”

“Take Athens. There are huge empty spaces to work on some giant clay and graphite installations and the rent is cheap and the drinks are half the price of what they are in New York. Two euros 50 will buy you a gyro the size of a baby’s arm…. enormous, excellent street art, lots of bars and coffee shops, alternative music venues, buildings that look abandoned – and a palpable energy on the street.”

The new cash rebate scheme amounts to 35% on the eligible expenses incurred in Greece for all beneficiaries is a decisive step towards attracting film, television, documentary, animation producers .